Rebecca Cioni

Product Design & Research

RetailMeNot App Onboarding


Users were not completing onboarding in RetailMeNot's native apps. In fact, nearly 50% of users abandoned the app before completing onboarding and sign up.


In order to figure out how to improve completions, I conducted a qualitative research study to baseline the existing onboarding flow and discover user preferences across three new concepts, then used the findings from that research to inform the redesign. After narrowing down options, I used prototypes to further test and refine flows, ultimately landing on two variants that were tested in the app and one winning variant.

Some of the comps comps used in user testing.


The key takeaways from the research were:


Redesigning the onboarding flow against our research findings resulted in +60% lift in member signups and a +33% increase in push opt-ins, helping to drive the membership team's acquisition goals.

The redesigned flows.