Rebecca Cioni

Product Design & Research

Hey Disney! Opt-In

Hey Disney! is the voice assistant included in Disney World Resort hotel rooms.

My product manager came to me with an Ava emergency: our physical hotel partners were planning to have Guests opt-in to the voice assistant device in a way that he feared woutd result in low adoption. Due to legal reasons, Guests that opted-out of the device couldn't change this setting unless they visited the hotel's front desk, so it was critical that Guests opted-in to the device in room. He asked me if I could propose a new opt-in Guest experience by Friday - five days later - so he could estimate and pitch it in an upcoming product planning meeting.

Step 1: Quick Sketches

I drew quick sketches to illustrate how we might use a different opt-in experience to achieve better adoption. I Slacked these to my coworker, we chatted through the details, and aligned on how we'd move forward.

Quick sketch to gain alingment with product.

Step 2: Wires for Tech Discovery

Next, I needed to help get tech's estimate for building this propsed experience, so I created wires to aid in their discovery and estimation.

Mid-fidelity wires to help with tech estimates.

Step 3: Prototype

Lastly, I needed to show this concept to our Resorts VP. I created a high-fidelity prototype to so he could see the intended UX and try it out.

High-fidelity screens for resort operations.