Rebecca Cioni

Product Design & Research

Walt Disney World Direct-to-Room

In 2019, Walt Disney World launched Direct-to-Room, enabling guests to bypass the front desk in their resort and go straight to their room instead. I lead this design initiative.

Understanding resort guests

In order to understand how to best support resort guests, we partnered with research. Research conducted a three-day focus group with guests. Through this research, we were able to identify three distinct types of resort guests and the different arrival journeys they experience as they make their way to Walt Disney World.

Personas of the three main resort guests uncovered by our research.

Concepting and testing

After gaining an understanding of our resort guests and the resort arrival space, we moved on to iterative design concepting. We cast a wide net while exploring multiple concepts. We used remote usability testing, critiques, and stakeholder feedback to narrow down to our final concept.

Initial concept sketches.

Outcome and Next Steps

The Direct-to-Room feature launched for app and web in Novemember of 2019. Performance metrics will be added here soon.

Three of the states of the Direct-to-Room feature inside the Disney World app.