Rebecca Cioni

Research // Design // Prototyping

Disney Resorts Digital Key. Making arrival experiences magical.

In 2018, I lead The Walt Disney Company's first-ever digital key project, replacing Guest's plastic hotel room card with a digital key inside the Walt Disney World app. Leading a team of three, I established the vision for this interactive feature, gained buy-in of the vision from executive stakeholders, and worked with product and tech to bring it to life.

Artifacts (PDF)

Wireframes // Visual Design Specs

Magic born from attention to detail

While the Guest experience of using digital key is simple, the stateful logic behind digital key is not. I partnered closely with technical teams to ensure that every part of the backend logic running digital key manifested in a graceful UI experience as well. Even our errors were designed to be delightful.

Future ready - today

As we designed digital key, we knew it would eventually be used by other Resorts and properties. That's why I included templating in the project vision, meaning we designed and built the key so the UI could easily be themed while reusing core functionality.

Wows all around

In our research, we learned that Disney Guests had never heard of or used a digital key. This meant that for many Guests, their first time encountering such a feature would be at Disney. I took this responsibility seriously and worked hard to make sure this first-time experience would contain the magic Disney Guests expect. When we tested the final product, our Guest reactions confirmed that we'd delivered.